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Max_P.jpgMax Oliva, Associate Director, Social Impact Management
Tomorrow I will be fortunate enough to be traveling to Antarctica, taking part on a once in a lifetime opportunity, The Expedition Antarctic 2009. This is an 11-day student and change makers expedition to Antarctica led by the polar explorer Robert Swan, OBE; the first person in history to walk to both the North and South poles. The Expedition is sponsored by BP and 2041. The team is composed of 63 people from 15 countries and 30 universities and includes experts like Peter Senge or Vivienne Cox, Executive Vice President and CEO of Alternative Energy at BP.
The conversations that will take place on the journey relate to climate change and its relationship with other key challenges such as the provision of energy, water, food, etc. But most importantly, it represents an incredible opportunity to make of this life changing journey the first chapter on a collective conversation, one which explores collaborative interventions and projects which will help us take global actions at a local level.
(Motivation Video before the Expedition)
Upon our return, and while sharing our experience with others, it will be difficult to go beyond the initial perceptions of the penguins, the cold, the clothing gear, which for a Mexican is, not surprisingly, a first time experience. But how can we go beyond this noise, certainly necessary and a “must” introduction to the people back home, but with whom we are obliged to go a step further, and share the moments, the conversations and the magic we are to live in the days to come.
In order to do that, we will begin by sharing the experience “live”. I will be blogging, together with a team of 8 people, on a daily basis from Antarctica. You can follow the conversation, interact and know our exact location during the whole Expedition at Expedition Antarctic 2009.
You can also have a view of the Expediton through Google Maps.


Max_P.jpgMax Oliva, Associate Director, Social Impact Management
For third straight year, the Social Responsibility Forum will be taking place at IE Business School, November 14 and 15. This is our annual main event which brings together experts who engage in social and environmental issues, be it through corporate social responsibility, starting their own social enterprises or through business endeavours in the environmental arena. Led by IE Students, this years program is fantastic! From social entrepreneurs such as Jonathan Robinson, Barry Colemand and Dr. Andreas Heinecke, who design novel business ideas to tackle social and environmental problems, to trendsetters who work inside today’s mature companies as advocates of policies that take into account the whole range of stakeholders and the environment.
This year we will welcome Mr. Jeremy Legget, chairman of Solar Century and climate change specialist as our keynote speaker.
Find Your Impact 2.jpg
See the full program.
See the list of speakers.
Take part on the career fair and networking event on Saturday.
Compete at the Social Entrepreneurship Buiness Plan Competition, by Sumaq.
Save your spot! We have limited capacity and it promises to be a blast.


Waya Quiviger, Director of Special Projects, Social Impact Management
IE Business School is pleased to announce a new collaborative agreement with the Women’s Forum, an organization based in Paris, France that promotes women’s vision on the economic and social issues that matter most and that are at the heart of the most compelling concerns of our times. Rated by the Financial Times in 2007 as one of the world’s top five international most influential forums, the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society has become in only three years an international must-attend event.
At its third edition last October, the Women’s Forum Global Meeting organized in Deauville (France) reached a new dimension. It welcomed nearly 1,200 leaders and opinion trendsetters from all walks of life – the economy, politics, culture or academia. Participants represented over 70 countries; there were 150 speakers of international renown and a programme containing over 60 lectures, debates and workshops.
In an attempt to integrate the future generation of leaders, the Women’s Forum invites every year an International Student Delegation to attend its flagship Global Meeting in Deauville. The International Student Team aims at opening the Women’s Forum to a selected number of students to create links between the 1,200 women leaders and the future generation of businessmen and women. It is a unique opportunity for young students to attend and contribute to an exclusive event. It is the chance for those students to meet influential leaders and conduct research with a team of international students from high-ranking universities. The Women’s Forum will welcome two female MBA students from IE Business School in Deauville from October 16th to 18th. They will be part of a group of 20 students from all over the world that have been specially selected because of their outstanding profiles and keen interest in promoting women’s issues. IE Business School is delighted to participate in this special initiative.


Yanire Braña, Directora Programa MET
Publicado en MateriaBiz.
Competencia por el talento y el poder de la marca son condicionantes fundamentales del ambiente de negocios actual. En este marco, la gestión de la diversidad es un componente esencial de la innovación para crear y mantener ventajas competitivas.
En estos tiempos globalizados de mercados cambiantes, la innovación es la única vía para mantener o crear una ventaja competitiva sostenible en el tiempo. Pero las empresas más innovadoras saben que innovar no se reduce únicamente a crear o modificar productos o servicios.
En ocasiones, lo importante es la creación de una infraestructura de personas y procesos para responder a las necesidades actuales o futuras. Muchos de estos procesos son formales, explícitamente definidos y documentados. Otros, no menos importantes, son informales y toman la forma de rutinas o modos de trabajo que evolucionan con el tiempo. Ahora bien, la necesidad de crecer y rentabilizar el negocio hace que muchas empresas centren su mirada en la innovación relacionada con sus competidores y clientes.

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Max_P.jpgMax Oliva, Associate Director, Social Impact Management
On February 21st we will have at IE Business School a conversation which brings together a Sustainable Perspective.
Arthur Dahl.jpg
Arthur Dahl, Coordinator of the UNEP/University of Geneva Programme of Advanced Studies in Environmental Diplomacy will talk in regards to “The limits and potentials of planetary sustainability”, using an environmental systems perspective to set the context within which business must evolve in the decades ahead.
Augusto López.jpg
Augusto Lopez Claros, Former Chief Economist and Director of the Global Competitiveness Program at the World Economic Forum will base his contribution on “Why good policies matter” The meaning of sustainability from a global economic perspective.
The session will be moderated by Daniel Truran, Secretary General of EBBF.
It will take place February 21st, at 18.00-20.00 at Serrano 105, IE Business School.
To reserve your seat send an email to


Max_P.jpgMax Oliva, Associate Director, Social Impact Management
Check the economist of this week. A special report on CSR is included which has certainly evolved from that presented a couple of years ago and which clearly contributed to strengthen the conversation.
As one of the articles says, “Three years ago a special report in The Economist acknowledged, with regret, that the CSR movement had won the battle of ideas. In the survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit for this report, only 4% of respondents thought that CSR was “a waste of time and money”. Clearly CSR has arrived”.
The Economist now brings thoughts and insight into how once CSR was a do-gooding sideshow, and how it is now seen as mainstream. From ethics to consumers, going green and global, and most importantly how managers are trying to get it right and align it with their companies’ strategy and gain a competitive advantage. As they put it, CSR is just good business.


Max_P.jpgMax Oliva, Associate Director, Social Impact Management
La Conferencia Anual de Antiguos Alumnos se ha convertido en el acto más significativo para los antiguos alumnos de IE Business School. En su pasada edición reunimos a 1500 alumnos.
Este año hemos elegido como tema “Desafíos de un planeta en cambio” y bajo este título hablaremos de 3 de los grandes desafíos del siglo XXI: Los recursos naturales, la globalización demográfica y nuevos mercados/nuevas culturas.
Esperamos que las opiniones de todos los ponentes que participan hagan que este día sea apasionante. Para hablar de este tema hemos invitado a destacados representantes del mundo de la empresa y la academia. Entre ellos: Asit Biswas, Presidente del Centro del Tercer Mundo para la Gestión del Agua, Hania Zlotnik, Directora de Población de Naciones Unidas y Michel Camdesus, Ex Presidente del Fondo Monetario Internacional.
Conferencia AAA.jpg
Además en esta conferencia participan ponentes como Antonio Llardén, Presidente de ENAGAS, Vicente Tardío, Presidente de Allianz Seguros, Eva Castillo, Managing Director and Head of Global Private Clients de Merrill Lynch y Andy Reinhardt, Editor Jefe de BusinessWeek on line para Europa, entre otros.
También contaremos con expertos en cambio climático, Juan Negrillo, representante de Al Gore en España y Ignacio Pérez Arriaga, presidente de la Cátedra BP de Desarrollo Sostenible, Académico de la Real Academia Española de Ingeniería y miembro del Grupo expertos para el informe de “España ante el cambio climático” para la Conferencia de Presidentes 2008, entre otros.
En nuestra Conferencia, como ves queremos abarcar muchos temas de trascendencia no solo económica y social sino también conocer las implicaciones que ellos tienen para nosotros y nuestras empresas, por ello no solo participan pensadores y académicos, sino representantes de empresas que hacen de estos desafíos su ventaja competitiva.
Si quieres más información contáctanos.


Max_P.jpgMax Oliva, Associate Director, Social Impact Management
Madrid, October 10, 2007. IE Business School is No.10 in the world and No. 1 in Europe in the biennial MBA ranking published by The Aspen Institute‘s Center for Business Education. The Aspen Institute ranking, known as “Beyond Grey Pinstripes”, is considered the most prestigious of its kind and evaluates how social and environmental issues are integrated into the MBA programs of 100 top international business schools.
top100button4 (2).gif
“In the Beyond Grey Pinstripes survey, success is measured not by how much new MBA graduates earn or how many offers they get,” said Judith Samuelson, Executive Director of the Aspen Institute Business and Society Program, “but by how well prepared they are to guide a company through the complex relationship of business and society, where issues relating to the environment or the well-being of a community can impact a company’s performance and reputation.”
The ranking’s authors highlight the fact that IE Business School offers an extraordinary number of courses with relevant social or environmental content in comparison with other schools. IE Business School’s longstanding commitment to society permeates every one of its initiatives, to the extent that IE now has a dedicated social impact management department that plays a pivotal role in the school’s day-to-day activities.
“At IE we are acutely aware of the need to generate knowledge about responsible leadership. This concern translates into initiatives like our seminars on ethics, the IE Alumni Chair in Corporate Ethics and IE research centres dedicated to eco-intelligent management, diversity and corporate responsibility,” says Joaquín Garralda, Vice Dean of IE Business School and Director of the PwC-IE Centre for Corporate Responsibility. “We know how important it is to have an integral vision of how business decisions impact the environment.”
Download a Pdf of the 2007-2008 Report
See the Global 100 List
See the Top Ten Lists

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Max_P.jpgMax Oliva, Associate Director, Social Impact Management
We’re back from the summer break and eager to continue the conversation on corporate responsibility and sustainability. As last year, I include a list of events and topics which took place in the month of August:
The winner’s of the “Disruptive Innovations in Health and Health Care” have been announced.
5 new Ashoka fellow’s in Mexico
Echoing Green.gif
Echoing Green has announced their 2007 Fellows
Cemex is considered as one of the leaders in BoP space both through Construmex and Patrimonio Hoy
Harvard Business Review’s article on the dangers of Microcredit
GE Money and their Earth Rewards credit card
The 2007 Global Development Awards and Medals Competition is now open
$100 laptop production launched
Take a look at people who live in Manhattan and yet receive agricultural subsidies from the US federal government
Interesting initiative of “Executives Without Borders” shared by Pablo Halkyard
Global Migration.jpg
Snapshot at Global Migration
Upcoming Social Venture Conferences
Social Enterprise Competitions


Max_P.jpgMax Oliva, Associate Director, Social Impact Management
Hans Rosling.jpg
Hans Rosling‘s first GapCast is here. Professor Rosling shows how economic growth, public health and sexual rights have changed in Sweden during 300 years. How has life expectancy and GDP per capita of Sweden evolved from 1709 to 2004? He further explains how to use gapminder world in order to make statistics work for development. This is just the first on the series which promises to be a fantastic way to bring development into a visual and entertaining arena, thus further enriching the conversation and our understanding into how to make the “seemingly impossible, possible”.
If you haven’t seen him yet, invest 6 minutes of your time and I bet you won’t regret it. If you watch this and are asking for more, how about sword swallowing at TED? O see our post on Hans Rosling on Africa and its growth.
Want to play with World statistics? Google found Gapminder fascinating and decided to be part of it.
And finally, a very recent achievement on the statistics arena led by Hans Rosling has been that of attaining access to all UN Statistical Division’s data for free from May 1 this year. You can read this and other news at Gapminder.

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