A concept of global justice

Written on September 4, 2007 by Max Oliva in Development

J.Pozuelo-Monfort, MPA candidate at Columbia University
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The West has been able to establish a definition of welfare that guarantees universal access to basic services defined as rights in the universal declaration of human rights, a definition of welfare that incorporates the concept of minimum income, underneath of which the human dignity no longer holds. This minimum income is translated in a majority of countries into a definition of minimum wage and maximum number of working hours that allow to earn sufficient income to fulfill a person’s basic needs.
It is time to extrapolate the concept of welfare to a level beyond that considers the welfare of all and each of the citizens of the planet. The extremes that we live today are opposing poles with no attraction. The extremes we live are shameful, weak and can be avoided, in a society that is proud to be solidary and incapable of facing the do-nothing policy of a political and economic class anchored in ideas of the past, a political and economic class that has not shown to be prepared for the challenges at the beginning of the twenty-first century.
The world is a same place. In a same place there should not coexist the capricious and unnecessary expense with the extreme lack leading to the acute suffering and the premature death. We have to bring the suffering of the poor world to the first world, so that the consumer is aware of the necessity of taxing luxury. We are unable to accept that there exists extreme suffering because we are incapable of bearing it, because we would die in life and would live dying, were we aware that we could save a life, and however we did not.
An involuntary genocide that demonstrates our inability to react. An involuntary genocide penalized in the West, which mention scandalizes the welfare society, that does not assume responsibilities, that gives excuses on a footnote and justifies its lack of resources based upon the principles of economic theory, based upon financial architectures with no ethics. We cannot continue a dynamics leading to the destruction based upon the principle of ignorance, a weak virtue, an inconsistent kindness.


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