(Un) bound Nightmare, (un) bound hell

Written on May 29, 2007 by Max Oliva in Development

J.Pozuelo-Monfort, MSc candidate in economic development at LSE.
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A world in which over half of its population faces a daily threat to their lives, is a world of nightmare. A world in which over half of its population would risk its life for a better opportunity is a world of hell.
A world of nightmare, unbound nightmare. A world of hell, unbound hell.
Ours is a world of bound nightmare, of bound hell. Ours is a world in which we can control, in which we have control of pain and despair, of hunger and thirst. Ours is a society of rule and law, in which bad conduct is prosecuted and punished.
Put yourself in a situation of extreme pain or despair, at least momentarily. Experience what an instant of unbound nightmare and hell might be. And then try to imagine what it may be like to live in such situation every single moment of your entire life. Approach a noisy train, get in a crowded underground carriage, spend an hour outside under a freezing cold or an extreme heat. After all you can put a limit to your pain, to your despair. Others simply cannot. Others simply cannot choose and have to withstand situations we would see as irrational, unbearable and completely ruled out in a society we claim to be modern.
Put yourself in a situation of extreme pain or despair, at least momentarily. Stop eating, stop drinking, stop loving for a single day. Stop smoking, stop drinking coffee, suffer your own despair for a day. Learn to feel like less fortunate others do. And then find an incentive to fight for the worse off of the society, and then find an incentive to believe everyone deserves an opportunity. Do not take what we have for granted. Do not take the society we live in for granted. Do not think everyone has the opportunity to improve their living.
We are at war. We are at war against hunger at poverty. It is a different war. It is a world war fought with different weapons, weapons of mass persuasion. A constructive debate that needs to be necessarily brought to society in which unheard of mechanisms should definitively be taken into account. We cannot afford to stay aside a regrettable reality that has a definite solution. We cannot remain eyewitnesses of an international conflict that causes more deaths than any other conflict of our time. The world deserves better.
Demand that your political leaders incorporate international hunger and poverty into their agendas. Mobilize locally. Be heard globally.


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