J.Pozuelo-Monfort, MSc candidate in economic development at LSE.
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Extreme, External, Eternal
Published at elPeriódico.cat (In Catalan).
The three words that the debt and the poverty of the developing world have in common.
Extreme because debt and poverty have reached levels that are so regretful, so inhumane, and so beyond the normal levels, that need to lead to serious thinking in the industrialized world as to when and why this has happened.
External because the current levels of debt and poverty have been fostered by external causes. Their root might be in the developing world itself, but oftentimes not in its citizens, but in its corrupt leaders that once upon a time where given a wildcard to borrow as much money as they felt they needed to undertake their personal vision, far away from being backed and supported by their own citizens.
Eternal because debt and poverty risk to be long-time companions of a world that heads off in the wrong direction. An unequal world that operates according to the rules of a minority that is powerful and wealthy. An unequal world that operates according to the rules of a select club of nation-states unable to move forward and face the real challenges of the XXI century.
The Triple E. A challenging trilemma. One wonders who in this world of ours is responsible and can be accountable for a change. We are reaching a point in which the developing world will cry out loud and say it is enough. It is enough. We need public administrators ready to deliver. We need public administrators eager and willing to deliver. A huge responsibility lies on our shoulders as citizens of a democratic world whose leaders are not being consecuent and coherent.
The Triple E. Let’s get to work.


Loren January 19, 2016 - 7:11 am

Dept and poverty has reached so regretful level only because people has created such conditions, just to cut each other down, no understanding no efforts to support each other and that is the only issue. I understand that business goes beforehand but we also humans and we need to learn how to live with each other. At http://thetermpapers.net/ I have read good article on how to run the business properly. I think that will give you better understanding of what I mean.

Emily Braun December 20, 2016 - 2:01 pm

That’s true. I’d like to add that at an int level debt has straitened economic growth. Trying to stimulate investment and decrease poverty lead to borrowing. It leads to a downward spiral into extreme poverty. This is not true of all cases. However, in those instances where it has been which I researched for http://ratedwriting.com/ the poverty and debt must be reviewed.

Md Amil February 18, 2017 - 9:47 am

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