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2007 Business in Development Challenge

Max Oliva, Associate Director, Social Impact Management
BID Challenge 2007.jpg [1]
For those of you who are still considering taking the Social Entrepreneurship Track at IE, here’s one more incentive to take the step: The BiD Challenge is here again.
The BiD Challenge 2007 [1] is open to start-up or established entrepreneurs with a business proposal for a new, or the expansion of an existing enterprise in a developing country. If you are serious and motivated about creating a business that reduces poverty in a developing country don’t miss the opportunity to take part on the competition which brings you close to likeminded people, sharing ideas and best practices, as well as an economic incentive to fulfill your business endeavor. Some criteria to participate follows:
• Focus on creating a new business (start-up companies) or focus on the expansion or diversification of an existing business
• Focus on a developing country
• Require a start-up investment between €5,000 and €500,000
• Seek to be profit generating within 3 years
• Seek to maximize development impact in the developing country of operation
The deadline for the “Executive Summary” or Business Plan Template [2] submission is May 31st. On last year’s challenge, Alex Corrie [3], IMBA Alumni made it to the finals. Perhaps this is the year to come up with one of the grand prizes!
Who can participate? [4].
Timeline [2] for the BID Challenge.